A history of men, of land, of a big passion.
An History of earth and of a big passion.
Passion for the beverage that from Dioniso to Bacco and trought the century is becomed to us.
Beverage passed from the Gods to the Man; excellent beverage.
And because we have the ambition to product that, only towards excellence have been orientating our intentions.
Passion, Love.
Like in a lot of love affairs, at first sight, for a land met by chance, a land bordered by a river, among the remains of a Fort and a Dam, signs of old adventure.
A beautiful land made by Mother Nature.
At the man that pass trought that land Mother Nature ask only respect for that land and alweys got it and we also grant her that respect in a fitting tribute to her generosity.
Tuscan land of the lovely hill and sudden slopes made from clay, limestone and stony.
An Excellent microclimate, perfect house for Sangiovese, Cabernet, Syrah.
The extraordinary nature of the territory supported with sensitivity, experience and technical expertise.
This is the hallmark of our excellence.
Fortediga, the mature fruit of our passion of man:fruit complex, turgid, sweet, juicy berries like a bunch with lots of